Aircraft Clock Overhaul Procedures & Price info.

Overhaul prices vary greatly due to many factors, it's best to send your instrument in for a free estimate, we will evaluate your item immediately on arrival and get back to you within 24 hours. We can guarantee our prices are the best you will find anywhere! Why pay triple the cost elsewhere? Yes triple! so don't be fooled out of your hard-earned us today!

This page is dedicated to describe the process we take to overhaul each clock that we service or sell. Aircraft Clocks are mechanical micro machines,precision instruments.Under the dial the clocks movement is more like a fine watch and not like a clock at all as many would believe. 

When an Aircraft Clock is overhauled, serviced and or repaired it is done so in accordance with manufactures recommendations, being that info maybe 70 plus years old we use the latest procedures and techniques in watch repair available today. We have the original factory manuals for all clocks we service. 

All Aircraft Clocks are completely disassembled, all parts are checked for wear, damage and corrosion. All jewels and bushings have to be checked under high magnification for cracks, chips and wear.

Mainsprings are taken out of the barrel and checked for rust and wear. If the mainsprings are found to be defective, they will be replaced with the best replacement available. We have unbreakable springs for all clocks. Parts are first cleaned by hand, all pivots have to be polished to a mirror like finish, parts are than cleaned and rinsed by ultra-sonic action and mechanically dried.

Movements are assembled and lubricated with up to 5 types of Moebius synthetic grease and oils, clocks are adjusted and timed to specs, all functions are tested for proper operation. 

This service should only need to be done every 2-3 years under normal operating conditions. Turn around time is about 2 to 4 weeks.

 Parts information: Most  Aircraft clock parts have been obsolete for years and finding them is not easy to do, we have over 250,000 original parts in house and what we don't have we can reproduce on site, some parts are not cost effective to make as you would not want to spend $200 making a part to go in a $200 clock or..maybe you would?

The FAA requires any Aircraft Clock that is attached to the Aircraft Airframe must be operational, even if the craft is not IFR certified they are subject to Inspection, Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance under one or more of the FAR's. All Aircraft  clocks sold and serviced by Historic Aviation Supply are for collectible purposes only and DO NOT come with any certification, we can aid in the certification process but this is an additional cost.

The buyer is solely responsible for any Certification the Aircraft Clock may require. 

Please be aware we've been contacted about a certain repair person that does work on all types of clocks not returning some very expensive timepieces back to the owners without threat of legal action. After doing a quick search sadly we can confirm this...Do your research before sending your timepieces out to anyone! You don't want to be cheated out of your hard-earned money and possibly lose your item!