Jaeger Chronoflite 2-7/8" Dial Clocks

The three basic Navigational Clocks made by Jaeger LeCoultre for the United States Military and used by the U.S. Army Air Signal Corps,U.S. Navy and the post WW2 U.S.A.F. Clocks were used in many WW2 Aircraft the Douglas Dauntless,PBY Catalina,F4 Corsair and the F6 Hellcat. Jaeger was the primary source for the Navigational clocks as American watchmakers weren't producing them until late in the war.All clocks share the same 13 Jewel 8-day movement with slight variations for the Civil Date function.Contact us for purchase of any Jaeger Aircraft clock. 


                       1941 U.S. Army A-10                                     1943 U.S. Navy A-10                                           1942-44 U.S. Navy A-10